Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Salute to Saucer Boy

Shane McConkey pushed extreme to the edge -- then went over


Before his tragic death in 2009, Shane McConkey put the extreme in extreme skiing.

A new film from Matchstick Productions pays homage to the man, the myth, the legend. The crew was filming McConkey when his chute failed to deploy during a ski-BASE jump, the crossbred sport he pioneered.

But that’s not the focus of the feature-length McConkey doc. This guy who knew how to live.

The BC-born pro freeskier and thrill-chaser was up for anything. He strapped on ‘70s-era jumping waterskis to prove his industry-changing hunch that fat rocker skis would float on powder. He leapt off cliffs in a wingsuit. And it was all captured on camera.

McConkey had a wicked sense of humor, too, especially as Saucer Boy, the hard-partying alter ego he invented while sidelined by a bum knee.

The flick opens wide later this year, but they've booked McCaw Hall for a premiere tonight.

Expect swag, raffle prizes, and plenty of snow bros at the screening. And get there early. This guy was a hero with legions of fans.

Tuesday, October 8
McCaw Hall
321 Mercer St, Queen Anne
(206) 684-7200

Price: $16 here
Nearby: The Sitting Room; Ten Mercer; 5 Point Cafe

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