Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's a Blast

A Ballard bar just brought us a new way to pour coffee. Really.


Remember the day you discovered coffee? 10,000 cups later, you're probably like us, eternally searching for something stronger.

Cold-brewed coffee does the trick, thanks to a 12-hour soak that makes it extra-potent. Probably the best cold brew in the area comes from Portland's Stumptown Coffee, and it's available in a few Seattle shops.

Anchors Down, a Ballard bar that opened earlier this year, just came up with a genius concept: run that Stumptown cold brew through a nitro tap, the same kind of equipment that gives Guinness its foamy head.

The end result is something magical: a cup of iced coffee that's smooth and creamy without any dairy added to it.

Ballardites have already started stopping in with to-go cups to get a draft to carry them through the day.

Co-owner Amy Graeff is already working on some cocktails incorporating this magical brew, expect them to hit the bar soon. For now, you can order a Headspin, blending Stumptown nitro with Sailor Jerry's rum, bitters and spices, and topped with milk foam.

Because if there's one thing that'll improve nitro-blasted coffee, it's a little something stronger.

Anchors Down
2016 NW Market St, Ballard
(206) 915-2852

Price: 1 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Hours: Mon-Sun 4p-2a
Nearby: The Noble Fir; Ocho; Staple & Fancy

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