Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mudder's Day

Ten miles of ultimate endurance await you


Your spin class is, um, nice. And those eucalyptus-scented towels they give you afterward are pretty cool, too.

But watching The Expendables 2 on your iPad while jogging on the treadmill doesn't test your manhood.

The ultimate test is running Tough Mudder when it comes to Seattle. Designed by the British Special Forces to stretch mental and physical strength to the limit, this 10-mile race features a host of brutal obstacles that will reconnect you with your inner Richard Sherman.

One minute you'll be scaling spinning monkey bars, the next crawling on your belly through a shallow trough of water while watching out for electrically-charged wires overhead.

One of the awesomest aspects is the cooperative element — some obstacles are literally impossible without a partner, so teamwork is key.

The rush of endorphins you'll get when you finish will numb the pain, but there's also a frosty cold beer waiting for you.

If you're really feeling it, you can get a free Tough Mudder tattoo when you cross the finish line.

Think of how badass you'll look pressing eucalyptus towels to that tat back at spin class.

Tough Mudder
Saturday-Sunday, October 4-5
Palmer Coking Coal Company
31407 Washington 169, Black Diamond
(718) 855-8341

Price: $125-135 here
Nearby: Taphouse Ink; Black Diamond Bakery; Oshio 2

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