Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lighter Than Airstream

Aether Airstream pop-up will get you kitted up for the mountains


Online shopping is so passé.

True ballers get their cutting-edge outerwear from a trailer.

No, we're not talking about anything illegal. This is a custom-built vintage Airstream operated by Los Angeles apparel company Aether. It hit Seattle on Friday and will be here through Wednesday the 25th.

The super-slick stainless steel pop-up is parked in Belltown and filled with high-end pants, hoodies, and coats.

Aether's won a devoted following for their incredible motorcycle jackets, made from Schoeller-Dynatec, an abrasion-resistant fabric that can take the hardest road burns. Amazingly even with shock-absorbing D30 pads, the jacket doesn't look bulky at all.

Even if you don't ride, you'll look good in one of these.

Other must-have togs include their impossibly soft, warm cashmere scarves and durable, waterproof ski coats.

Everything's impeccably tailored in sleek, modern style with nary an unsightly logo in sight.

This is one trailer park that makes the neighborhood look good.

Aether Airstream
Thru Wednesday, September 25
2312 1st Avenue, Belltown

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11a-6p
Nearby: Shorty's; List; Shiro's

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