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Seattle's top 5 ridiculously expensive drinks


When it comes to cocktail culture, Seattle generally prefers the understated to the outrageous. But that doesn't mean our bartenders don't know how to go buck wild with booze.

From century-old whiskey to insanely-shaped beer, here are Seattle's top five ludicrous and lavish libations.

5. The Boot at Die BierStube
At Die BierStube, ordering a draft beer in "the boot" will get you a gargantuan 2-liter container shaped like footwear. Plus a warning that its heel can't touch the table until it's completely drained. Good luck!
$25+. Die BierStube, 6106 Roosevelt Way NE, University District (206-527-7019). 

4. Fifty Dollar Margarita at Trace
You know that Trace (located in the swanky downtown W Hotel) is serious about their high-roller margarita because it's more expensive than they say it is. Naturally, this marg's got high-end breeding on its side, with top-of-the-line Patron Platinum and Grand Marnier 150.
$52. Trace, 1112 4th Ave, Downtown (206-588-1577). 

3. Sazerac & Champagne at Tavern Law
When you start folding champagne into already-intricate cocktails, it's a level up from Sunday brunch mimosas. Tavern Law's take on the classic Sazerac & Champagne starts with Larressingle Armagnac, Demerara sugar, and bitters, then finishes with half a bottle of Drappier Carte d’Or Brut. 
$60. Tavern Law, 1406 12th Ave, Capitol Hill (206-322-9734). 

2. Hennessy XO Cafe Diablo at Canlis
There's no better way to close a meal at one of Seattle's most extravagant dining experiences than with the Hennessy XO Cafe Diablo. Made with rich, dark coffee topped off with top of the line Hennessy XO and spices, it costs a full Benjamin — but that's for two cups.
$100. Canlis, 2576 Aurora Ave N, Queen Anne (206-283-3313). 

1. 1898 Canoe Club Whiskey at Canon
Ready to blow the budget all in one place? The Captain's List at whiskey temple Canon will drain your wallet faster than you can drain your glass. The most expensive option on the 79-page list belongs to Canoe Club whiskey. Distilled almost 130 years ago, a single shot runs over a grand. That's a smooth finish. 
$1,225. Canon, 928 12th Ave, Capitol Hill (206-552-9755).

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