Monday, January 26, 2015

Pot Shots

The first truly legal Hempfest is upon us


Recreational marijuana is legal in Washington State — well, as soon as the Legislature gets it all figured out — and it's just in time for Hempfest.

The largest pot legalization party in the world, Hempfest has been attracting an insanely broad base of weed lovers, from old-school hippies to modern tokers with high-tech vaporizers.

Join in the celebratory atmosphere, but here's some tips to ensure you don't get sucked into a drum circle.

1. Music is a big draw at Hempfest, and with six stages there's plenty to see. Make sure to catch old-school sludge rockers Jack Endino's Earthworm Saturday at 4p, and stop by the Bassdrop stage at least once to rave out a bit.

2. Take the opportunity to expand your mind in a more traditional way, too — some scheduled speakers include senator Mike Gravel and a number of doctors studying the effects of cannabinoids on the nervous system.

3. The biggest tip, though, is keep your money in your pocket. All Seattle parks are designated "drug free zones," which means that buying or selling marijuana can still get you in trouble. Even though the SPD has officially said that marijuana arrests are their lowest priority, there's no point in risking it for no good reason.

4. Taking a hit when somebody passes you a joint is fine, though. No money, no problems.

Friday-Sunday, August 16-18
Myrtle Edwards Park
3130 Alaskan Way, Belltown
(206) 364-4367

Price: Free
Nearby: White Horse Trading; The 5 Point; Michou

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