Sunday, January 25, 2015

This Weekend

  • Got The Glow: Electric Run

    Turn a ho-hum 5k race into a party with throbbing music, crazy lightshows, and dancing girls.

    Explore your mind: The course traverses five different "lands" to keep you peaking until you hit the finish.

    Fri 8:45p. Washington State Events Center, 110 9th Avenue SW, Puyallup, WA (206-329-2629). $60 here.

    Nearby: Northwest Vintage; Loose Wheel; Bumpy's

  • Kings of Noise: Melvins 30th Anniversary Tour

    One of the Northwest's most legendary bands celebrates three brutal decades of grinding out sonic sludge.

    Get there early: Opening band Honky features Jeff Pinkus of the equally storied Butthole Surfers.

    Fri-Sat 8p. Neumos, 925 E. Pike St, Capitol Hill (206-341-0112). $22 here.

    Nearby: The Old Sage; Canon; Capitol Cider 

  • Blurred Lines: Persistence Of Vision

    Richard Williams (lead animator on Roger Rabbit) spent thirty years trying to make a cartoon masterpiece, only to see it all crumble away.

    Ego & hubris: Williams is a fascinating and bizarre figure. Watch the trailer.

    Fri-Sun 7p & 9p. Grand Illusion, 1403 NE 50th St., University District (206-523-3935). $8.

    Nearby: Blue Moon Tavern; The District Lounge; Korean Tofu House

  • Splash: World's Largest Water Balloon Fight

    We already set the world record for the largest snowball fight ever — now let's do it with water balloons.

    Get wet:  Your registration fee helps send kids from Childrens Hospital to camp.

    Sat 4p. Seattle Center, 305 Harrison St, Queen Anne (206-684-7200). $25 here.

    Nearby: Lola; Black Bottle; The 5 Point Cafe

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