Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mustache Rides

A new car-sharing service can get you where you need to go


Seattle's a great city for not owning a car. The bus system is solid, light rail is nice and you can bike just about anywhere.

But sometimes that just won't cut it. You're not taking the bus to Ikea, for instance.

Meet Lyft: your new best friend with a car.

Here's how it works: load the app on your phone. When you need a ride, hit the request button and put in your location. Then look for a car with a big pink mustache on the front.

That's a Lyft driver: a private citizen using his own car, moonlighting for some extra cash. Climb in the front seat, fistbump the driver (it's required), and you're off.

Drivers are screened heavily by the company, so don't worry about psychos. And all payment is handled through the app, so don't worry about having cash on hand.

Lyft has been going gangbusters in the Bay Area, and just branched out to Seattle. Initial reports here have been that drivers have been friendly and the rates are super-competitive vs. cab company alternatives.

But those guys didn't stand a chance, anyway. Their mustaches aren't even pink.


Price: App is free, here.

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