Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Go Gingerly

Rachel's Ginger Beer finally has a store


Devotees of Seattle farmers markets already know the myriad joys of Rachel's Ginger Beer, that peppy cooler brewed by a former Delancey waitress. You can buy growlers of the stuff at some of Seattle's swankiest food stores and get cocktails made with it at Montana and other bars. 

But now Rachel has a place to call her own, and it's spectacular. The former Seattle's Best Coffee spot in the Pike Place Market is now the flagship Rachel's Ginger Beer soda fountain, and it's already hopping.

More than a dozen taps dispense artisanal ginger beer in a bevy of flavors, from Rachel's classics (white peach) to newcomers (blood orange, hibiscus).

Some of the taps pour stronger stuff — cocktails made with ginger beer as a base, including the signature Montana Mule. 

They also serve Cupcake Royale ice cream, which you can get blended to form a truly spectacular shake. And yes, there's boozy versions of those too. 

They don't serve food, but come on — you're in the Market. You have plenty of choices for food.

But only one choice for ginger beer.

Rachel's Ginger Beer www.rachelsgingerbeer.com
1530 Post Alley, Downtown
(206) 467-4924

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Hours: Mon-Sun 10a-10p
Best bets: Montana Mule milkshake; slushies; ginger beer floats
Nearby: Von's 1000 Spirits; Beecher's; Radiator Whiskey

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