Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shop the Pop

For a limited time, the Sub Pop Megamart is back in town


Quick, name a record label.

You said Sub Pop, right? Of course you did. No outfit has chronicled the Seattle music scene more thoroughly, from the grunge days to the 21st century.

Last week, we told you about their anniversary takeover of hotel rooms. But now, to celebrate the label's 25th year in business, they've reopened their iconic Mega Mart as a pop-up shop in Georgetown.

One of the awesomest things about the space is a gigantic wall collage, built by label designers Jeff Kleinsmith and Sasha Barr, incorporating an absurd amount of original art and artifacts from the label's catalogue.

You could look at that thing all day, but when it's time to shop, the Mega Mart offers out of print Sub Pop vinyl, limited-edition T shirts, and assorted swag.

But don't delay: This new Mega Mart is only open until Sunday, July 21st, at which point it will vanish from Seattle forever, not to return until the label's 50th anniversary.

That's in 2038. Mark your calendars.

Sub Pop Mega Mart
6003 12th Ave S, Georgetown
(206) 441-8441

Hours: Thu-Sat Noon-8p; Sun Noon-6p
Nearby: 9 Lb. Hammer; Ground Control; Smarty Pants

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