Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekend Runaway: Go East

High-end lodging and great food await on the other side of the mountains


If these last few rainy weeks have brought your summer down, head east, over the mountains, to the other Washington.

Eastern Washington has a completely different vibe from green, verdant Seattle  it's arid, open, and hot. Spokane's the biggest city on the other side, and here's what you should do there.

Eastern Washington is carnivore country, and Spokane's Sante celebrates meat in all its forms. The charcuterie board is made in-house using only locally-raised meat. Chef Jeremy Hansen also has a whimsical sense of adventure — you're not going to find any other restaurant in town serving fried frog legs with tamarind huckleberry BBQ sauce.
404 W Main Ave., Spokane (509-315-4613)

Riverfront Park is Spokane's nicest greensward, covering 100 acres along the water downtown. Originally built for the 1974 World's Fair (yes, Spokane had one too), it now features all kinds of things to do, from free concerts to a gondola ride over the rushing river. Oh, and there's a sculpture of a garbage-eating goat that actually eats garbage, if you're into that.
507 N Howard St., Spokane (509-625-6601)

For a true Tacoma drinking experience, wedge yourself into Baby Bar. This tiny watering hole is a local favorite, and because there's a serious shortage of floor space you'll find yourself making new friends whether you want to or not. The bartenders are also mixological masterminds, capable of concocting pretty much any cocktail your devious mind can conceive of.
827 W 1st Ave., Spokane (509-847-1234)

The historic Davenport Hotel opened its doors in 1914 and, 99 years later, remains the absolute best place to stay in Spokane. It closed in 1985, only to be bought and refurbished in 2000, with the new owners putting in $38 million to bring it into the 21st century. The customer service is impeccable, the beds are soft and spacious, and the river views are redonkulous.
10 S Post St., Spokane (509-455-8888)

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