Saturday, January 31, 2015

Skip The Ferry

Everything you need to plan a Friday Harbor getaway


Guess what? According to TripAdvisor, the best vacation island in the United States is right here in Washington.

San Juan Island, located just a few hours north of Seattle, has it all: spectacular vistas, world-class food and unbelievable lodgings. Here's your package plan for a weekend on island time.

Get There
Sure, you can take the ferry there, but time is of the essence. Kenmore Air flies from Sea-Tac and Boeing Field for a little over $100 each way, several times daily. From the air, the San Juan archipelago looks like a bunch of giant hairy turtles (unrelated to those other giant turtles).
7277 Perimeter Rd S, Georgetown (855-991-9878)

Hit the Road
Since you didn't bring your car, rent one for cheap from M&W Auto. Pro tip: Avoid the bizarre two-seater mopeds that tourists usually go for and residents hate with a passion. If you don't want to rent, just stick your thumb out — people hitchhike here all the time, and locals will gladly pull over for you.
725 Spring St, Friday Harbor (360-378-2886)

Fill Up
Duck Soup Inn is far and away the best restaurant on the island. New chef/owner Kyle Nicholson just took over the menu, which features astoundingly good local Westcott Bay oysters and the best fried Brussels sprouts you'll ever eat.
50 Duck Soup Ln, Friday Harbor (360-378-4878)

Sleep In
The island is chock-a-block with hotels, motels, inns and vacation rentals, so it's easy to find lodging that suits your style. We like Juniper Lane Guest House. It's close enough to town for cocktail runs, yet far enough in the country for pure peace and quiet.
1312 Beaverton Valley Rd, Friday Harbor (360-378-7761). $85+ per night.

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