Monday, January 26, 2015

Patty Down

Five essential Seattle burgers to celebrate National Burger Month


May is National Burger Month, and Seattle is undergoing a pressed patty renaissance. Here's our quick guide to the five essential Emerald City burgers.

The Wild Child: Unicorn
Chef Josh Nebe is notorious for flipping the script on his burgers with a menu that's equal parts carnival and Top Chef. The Magical Unicorn Burger pairs perfectly-grilled beef with crunchy onion rings, slaw, and a cream cheese flavored with Sriracha. Don't be surprised when you start making this stuff for your bagels.
1118 E Pike St, Capitol Hill (206-325-6492)

The Korean: Joule
Rachel Yang and Saif Chirchi do burgers at both of their restaurants made from galbi, the delectable long-marinated Korean short rib. But the Joule variant comes out on top because it's paired with tangy horseradish and pickled giardiniera.
3506 Stone Way N, Fremont (206-632-5685)

The Giant: Zippy's
For those times when you just want to unhinge your jaw and wolf down a truly enormous burger, the epic sandwiches at Zippy's fit the bill. Serious eaters, try and tackle the King Lou Lou Challenge (pictured) — four patties, eight pieces of bacon, quadruple cheese, and a kid's cheeseburger "crown."
614 14th Ave SW, White Center (206-763-1347)

The Extra Crispy: Katsu Burger
Mashiko chef Hajime Sato's unique take on the hamburger has the beef breaded and fried like Japanese tonkatsu. It sounds weird but it works — the coating keeps in all the juices for insane flavor. Go for the Ohaiyu Gozaimasu, topped with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar, Japanese mayonnaise, and more tonkatsu sauce.
6538 4th Ave S, Georgetown (206-762-0752)

The Classic: Dick's Drive-In
Outlasting regional competitors like Herfy's and Dag's, Dick's has been dishing up burgers, shakes and fries -- and that's it -- since 1954. This is a restaurant where they had to think long and hard about adding Diet Coke to the menu 30 years ago, and the burgers are equally retro.
Locations in Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Crown Hill, Edmonds. More info here.

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