Friday, January 30, 2015

Daisey Age

The maverick monologuist returns spitting fire


Monologuist Mike Daisey caught some flak last year when it came out that elements of his Apple-exposing The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs weren't entirely accurate.

But he bounced back, arguing (truthfully) that even if the details were wrong, the message was still valid. And he's moved on with new material, which he's bringing to Seattle as part of the Rep's 50th anniversary season.

Normally a guy sitting behind a desk talking for two hours would be kind of a tough sell, but Daisey makes it look and feel effortless.

Daisey's upcoming stint at the Rep involves two shows: American Utopias, a dive into the places that we make for ourselves to feel like life is perfect, and F***ing F***ing F***ing Ayn Rand, which examines one of America's most influential writers (for better or worse).

Fact or fiction, he's a master storyteller, and you'll be taken along for the ride.

Either one of these shows would be a must-see, but both? A theatrical event.

Just leave the factcheckers at the door.

Mike Daisey: A Special Engagement
Wednesday thru Saturday, May 1-4, 8-11
Seattle Repertory Theatre
155 Mercer Street, Queen Anne

Tickets: $25 here
Nearby: Tillikum Place Cafe; Crow; Pho Viet Anh

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