Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Weekend

  • The Sound Of Space: Upstream Color at SIFF

    Shane Carruth, director of the time travel epic Primer in 2004, returns with another mind-twister.

    Tiny bubbles: Check out the trailers here.

    Tonight-Sun. SIFF Film Center, 511 Queen Anne Ave. N., Queen Anne (206-464-5830). $11 here.

    Nearby: Toulouse Petit; Sully's; Mecca Café

  • Tag Some Babes: White T-Shirt Graffiti Party

    Wear a white T-shirt to this party and use the markers provided to draw all over other people.

    Let it scrawl: If you don't have a white T-shirt (or have pit stains), you can get one at the door.

    Tonight 7p. Acquabar, 305 Bell St., Belltown (206-728-6583). $10 here.

    Nearby: Shorty's; Lava Lounge; Rabbit Hole

  • Bang The Drum: World Rhythm Festival

    More than 100 workshops and performances span the wide world of percussion — all completely free.

    Easy beats: Every event is first come first serve, so get in line early.

    Fri-Sun 11a-midnight. Seattle Center, 305 Harrison St., Queen Anne (206-684-7200). Free.

    Nearby: The Sitting Room; Sully's; Paragon

  • Burn Baby Burn: Flaming Tetherball

    Seattle's Hazard Factory came up with a post-apocalyptic playground game that'll singe your eyeballs.

    Power to the poles: No, you don't have to play -- but they are signing people up for leagues.

    Sat 8p. Hazard Factory, 7800 7th Ave S, Columbia City $10-15 here.

    Nearby: Loretta's Northwesterner; Calozzi's; Muy Macho

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