Sunday, February 1, 2015

Show You the Door

These Seattle bars are laying down the law


"No shirt, no shoes, no service" is too middle America for Seattle.

We've got stranger rules in our bars -- and stronger bars for it.

No Google Glass: The 5 Point
This Belltown bar is one of the oldest in town, and one of the grungiest. It's proud of its gritty atmosphere, with big signs proclaiming "We cheat tourists 'n drunks since 1929." Owner Dave Meinert announced that wearers of Google Glass will be kicked out on their ass, citing "privacy concerns."
415 Cedar St., Belltown (206-448-9991)

No Standing: Knee High Stocking Co.
Classy Cap Hill joint makes some of the best cocktails in town, but the intense list of rules you need to follow can chafe. Speak quietly, take your phone calls outside, no flash photography, and most irksome -- no standing around. Table service only. And they're serious: people get escorted out all the time for flaunting house laws.
1356 E Olive Way, Capitol Hill (206-979-7049)

No Drink Orders: Needle & Thread
If you're a control freak, you'll want to pass on visiting Needle & Thread, the hidden speakeasy inside Tavern Law. The bartenders enforce a very serious "no drink orders" policy. Instead, you tell the mixologist what spirit you like and a general idea of the flavor, and they make you something. Thankfully, they're good at it, but it can be a little daunting.
1406 12th Ave., Capitol Hill (206-325-0133)

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