Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life in the Cloud

Introducing Amazon Pods, the e-tailer's first step into real estate


You already get groceries from Amazon Fresh, TV shows on your Kindle, and yes, even a new book now and then (even if you don't want to get caught).

Now Amazon's betting you want use their handy return policy on something a little larger.

OK, a lot larger.

Welcome to the Amazon Pod experiment. Several floors of their South Lake Union headquarters are being transformed into unique urban living units for millennials.

When you sign the lease on your Pod, Amazon combs through your search and purchase history to choose the right unit for you.

Buy a lot of gardening books? You'll get a Pod with southerly windows and garden space. Love death metal? A soundproofed rocker Pod in the building's core awaits you.

It's the ultimate expression of the power of the algorithm.

Your lease also comes with an Amazon Prime membership for as long as you live there, meaning that just about anything Amazon sells will be at your door in 24 hours for no shipping cost.

Pods are scheduled to go on the market in early June, but there's already a 127-person waiting list of prospective residents. If the first set of Pods is a success, the company plans to branch out to other Seattle neighborhoods.

Are you ready for Amazon to be your overlord landlord?

Amazon Pods
410 Terry Avenue N, South Lake Union

Nearby: Shanik; Daniel's Broiler; Serious Biscuit
Is this a joke? Yes, it's April Fool's...

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