Saturday, January 31, 2015

Voracious Liaison

Celebrate Seattle's best restaurants with unlimited eats


Northwest cuisine means a lot more than smoked salmon and kale.

We've earned our spot as one of the country's culinary hubs, and now we have an awards show to prove it.

The Weekly's Voracious Tasting and Food Awards not only gives props to Seattle's best, but lets you get your grub on in the process.

We're talking unlimited small plates from more than 40 of the city's best restaurants. Equally unlimited specialty cocktails from 15 master mixologists. Food trucks. Desserts. 

You're going to want to get your pants taken out a belt loop or two.

Awards go to chefs who have proven themselves to be leaders in two very Seattle areas: innovation and sustainability.

If you're extra hungry, VIP tickets get you admission at 6p, a swag bag, and a private scotch tasting. A portion of the proceeds go to Food Lifeline, so you can feel good about your night of gluttony.

Because if you try everything at this event, you'll have earned your own award in innovation and sustainability.

Voracious Tasting And Food Awards
Thursday, April 4
Paramount Theatre
911 Pine St., Downtown

Tickets: $40-80 here
Nearby: Knee High Stocking Co; HoneyHole; Alibi Room

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