Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brew Bargains

A quick guide to the best beer deals in town


St. Patrick's Day is all about volume: the more beers, the better.

But if you want to go all-out without breaking into the 401(k), you'll need a guide to Seattle's best beer bar bangs for the buck:

Shipwreck: The Sloop Tavern
This Ballard mainstay is a dive through and through — the ladies room has complimentary Vaseline -— but where else can you "Sloopersize" a beer and get 35 ounces of domestic for $4.50 or microbrews for $6.25?
2830 NW Market St., Ballard (206-782-3330)

School Days: Dante's
One of the U District's best-known party palaces keeps the wheels lubricated with absolutely absurd Happy Hour prices. On Tuesdays between 8-9p, get an entire pitcher of Miller High Life for just $2.
5300 Roosevelt Way NE, University District (206-525-1300)

Beer With Breakfast: Loretta's Northwesterner
At this endearingly low-fi South Park dive (pictured), you can get a tallboy of Rainier for $2.50 with your corned beef hash. They also make the best $3 burger in Seattle, no contest.
8617 14th Ave. S, South Park (206-327-9649)

Pin Pals: Shorty's
Belltown's hot dog parlor slash pinball arcade has doggedly (no pun intended) kept drink prices low since opening in the 90s. You can still get a beer for $2.50 here, and if you're bringing a lady, mixed drinks are also cheap (not to mention strong).
2222 2nd Ave., Belltown (206-441-5449)

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