Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Mini-golf gets a serious upgrade at Smash Putt


The last time miniature golf was a viable first date, you were in seventh grade and taking rides from Mom.

The game has evolved a bit since then.

The brains behind Smash Putt have built eighteen devious holes of mechanized mayhem for you to play through. Or should we say drink through. They turn tee time into W-T-F time.

No boring old windmill holes here. How does a hole of golf in scratch & sniff sound? How about blasting golf balls out of a pneumatic cannon? 

There are even ways for you to mess with your opponents while they're playing. Huge buttons make sections of course shift and move with every press. Some may call that cheating, but it goes both ways: they can always do it back to you in return.

Settle any bets at the on-site bar, where they're offering custom cocktails including the tangy Ginger Zelenka. If these don't improve your game, you can ball even bigger in a VIP room.

The course is in residence at Club Motor until the end of April, and after that it's off to another lucky city. 

Smash Putt
Fridays-Sundays until April 29
Club Motor
1950 1st Avenue S, SoDo

Price: $12
Nearby: Hooverville; Pecos Pit; Pho Cyclo

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