Monday, January 26, 2015

Old Nordic

Three Letters kicks off its supper club series with It Takes a Pillage


Question: What do venison tartare and Norwegian black metal band Emperor have in common?
Answer: Both will be present at Three Letters' Sunday dinner, It Takes a Pillage.
Well, Emperor will be there in evil spirit, at least. For its next trick, Three Letters — a casual French-American spot that once concocted a tasty Arrested Development menu of mayon-eggs and hot ham water — will mash up a Game of Thrones-inspired meal with blast beats and shrieking. 
That means a six-course tasting menu full of, in Chef Pip Freeman's words, "forests, darkness, and game."
The dishes take their inspiration from the epic song titles of Weakling, Emperor, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Fhoi Myore.

"I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots" translates to a clean plating of marrow, carrots, and sunchoke. After that, the venison tartare tangles with rye and pickled eggs becomes "Beyond the Great Vast Forrest." 
Oh, and your eardrums will be assaulted by the screams of long-dead Vikings (probably), so fortify yourself with pitchers of mead and ale.
This is only the first of Three Letters' monthly Supper Club Sundays. Save your spring suit — and lady with a fondness for ridiculous hats — for its upcoming Kentucky Derby menu.
For this one, though, it's BYO corpse paint.

It Takes A Pillage
Sunday, March 16
Three Letters, 930 Fulton St., (St. James Pl.), Clinton Hill
Price: $45 prix fixe, call to reserve

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