Monday, January 26, 2015

Short and Suite

Meet Breather, your mid-day stress fixer


Remember that time you went the coffee shop to get some serious work done, but instead just found yourself typing "decaf skinny macchiato" over and over like Jack Nicholson in The Shining?
Perhaps you need Breather, a new Airbnb-like service now serving NYC and Montreal.

It hooks you up with beautiful and private spaces for when you need to decompress or just get a little you-time.
This isn't just some hourly hotel scheme (though we can't promise that a little bit of nookie won't happen from time to time). Breather's geared toward professionals who need a break between meetings to relax or recharge.
You can reserve your space — there are currently a few dotted between SoHo and Penn Station —  from anywhere between 30 minutes and a full day, either to work or to just kick back and relax. The rooms are equipped with WiFi, desks, couches, and other mod-cons, and cleaned between each use. 
You simply download the Breather app, choose your space, and receive a code to unlock the door when you arrive.
Happy Breathing.

Price: $25 per hour in NYC, info here

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