Sunday, February 1, 2015

Boots on the Ground

The GORUCK Challenge returns just in time for spring training


There won't be any snow tomorrow.
That means two things: 1) Our virgin sacrifice to the dark lords of winter finally paid off, and 2) it's time to work off your cold-weather layer with some military-grade calisthenics. 
Welcome back to GORUCK season.
Maybe you were one of the chosen few who bravely took up the GORUCK Challenge last year. If so, congratulations on surviving. For the rest of us, GORUCK's back with a wave of new events and exercises to squash all excuses.
To recap, this isn't a race. The other enrollees are your team, and you'll work together through hours of Special Ops training exercises (and maybe some singing). Since the military does this with rucksacks of gear, you'll carry around a few bricks in your backpack. (Not sure your bag will hold up? GORUCK bags do — product testing got these parties started.)
Choose from their tried-and-true "Challenge" (8-10 hours) the night of March 21, or the "Light" (4-5 hours) the next morning.  Oh, you trained all winter? Good for you, tough guy. There's a 24-hour "Heavy" course on April 4 with your name all over it. 

Sounds like you'll need some protein.

GORUCK Challenge
Friday, March 21 9p
Saturday, March 22 2p
Friday, April 4 6p
Location TBA

Price: $85-220, sign up here

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