Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekend Runaway: Newburyport

It's like a little North Shore Nantucket


Getting the hell out of Dodge? One of our favorite winter sports.

Especially when we've got the inside scoop on how to plan your weekend in Newburyport. (Sorry, Nantucket — you’ll have to take a seat.)

Unless your girl insists, skip the B&B for another B&B: Beachfront at the Blue Inn. Picture a semi-private beach, very-private hot tubs, and SoCal-inspired architecture right on Plum Island (which is technically part of Newburyport, just across the bridge). Since it's low season, you'll be able to snuggle up together and watch those crashing waves without anyone bothering you.
20 Fordham Way, Newbury (978-465-7171). $235 and up per night.

Like most other beach towns, Newburyport is bike-friendly. If you don’t have one of your own (which you can take on the train, FYI), we recommend renting one through EZ Pedaler. They’ve even got one built for two. You know, in case your girlfriend is still miffed about the whole B&B thing.
50 Water St., Newburyport (978-465-5566). $20-30.

Dining options — really good ones, at that — abound. Make like a man and head to the newly-opened Brine, which bills itself as New England’s first oyster, crudo, and chops bar, or opt for the deliciously reliable 10 Center Street restaurant just around the corner. We recommend the 16-ounce prime ribeye with bone marrow Hollandaise ($44) and shrimp gnocchi ($16/$26), respectively. Or, just load up on oysters, and pretty much anything from the sea, which was likely caught that day.
25 State St., Newburyport (978-358-8479)
10 Center St., Newburyport (978-462-6652)

Newburyport is also known as a town with active watering holes, and fortunately, everything is situated within walking distance. Michael’s Harborside is pretty much a staple in the modest nightlife scene — but it closes at 10. From there, get yourself to the Grog, a townie favorite. If you’re really hankering for a party, find the kind hosted in a beach house. Otherwise, you’ll probably wind up at Port Tavern, which is kind of like a slice of Boston's Faneuil Hall.
One Tournament Wharf, Newburyport (978-462-7785)
13 Middle St., Newburyport (978-465-8008)
84 State St., Newburyport (978-465-1006)

Make it happen at 10 Center Street where, for a flat fee of $25, you’ll have full access to a sweet and savory buffet with a DIY cocktail bar. If that’s too much work for you, cross the street to Agave, where you can wash down the best breakfast burrito of your life with an expertly-mixed margarita.
50 State St., Newburyport (978-499-0428)

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