Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Athletes Club gets you in to dozens of the city's best gyms


Your upcoming New Year's resolution: Go to the gym more.

Yeah, you and everyone else. For the thousandth time.
The problem with your annual gym goal is that the gym gets old. So change it up with Athletes Club, a members-only service that provides exclusive offers and discounts on all things fitness across the city.
You're no longer the member of one gym. You're a member of any of them.
Just launched in NYC, Athletes Club will incentivize you to get up and out to those classes you've always told everyone you're going to. Think of it as Groupon for gym rats, but without that stupid cat.
As a member, you'll get daily deals for everything from healthy restaurants like Hu Kitchen and Magic Mix Juicery to fitness packages for up to a quarter less than their usual price, which more than makes up for your membership dues.
Athletes Club will also introduce you to more than 50 boutique fitness studios, gyms, and athlete-oriented stores you never knew existed. Looking for a boxing club? No problem. Personal training sessions? C'mon, obviously.
And you'll also join a network that alerts you and gives special access to one-of-a-kind events like Tough Mudder and the Men's Urbanathlon.
We'll check in on you in March.

Athletes Club
Membership: $19 per month or $129 per year here

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