Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eye Spies

RetroSuperFuture's sunglasses land in Soho


You could call this a visual overload. First came Warby Parker. Then Mykita.
And now, RetroSuperFuture has jumped into Soho, which has quickly become the city's destination for eyewear.
Luckily, the company fills the void between Warby's nebbishy academic/hipster looks and Mykita's architect-from-the-future thing.
RetroSuperFuture is based in Italy, where we hear they know a thing or two about style. The looks are ultra-contemporary, as Kanye, Gaga, Snoop, and other celebrity fans can attest.
In fact, you'll quickly recognize Kanye's signature flattop glasses there, which you can get in warm wood and gold, camo, or even straight black. Personally, we're digging the cool blue-grey Classic Francis Industrias, but that's just us.
Lucky for you, this is America. You can buy as many glasses as you want, and be an architect one day, and the world's number-one rock star the next.

On second thought, keep that last one to yourself.

Retrosuperfuture retrosuperfuture.com
21 Howard St. (Lafayette St.), Soho
(646) 590-3929

Nearby: The Smile to Go; La Esquina; Mulberry Project

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