Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flying High

Three reasons why first-class is the only way to head to Europe


It's nearly Thanksgiving, which means it's about time you started thinking about booking your wintertime European vacations.

Here are three particularly nice ways to hop across the pond from JFK.
Ciao, Milano: Emirates to Milan
This brand-new route isn't just the world's only nonstop first-class flight from JFK to Milan. It's an Emirates first-class flight, which means you get complimentary chauffeur service to and from the airport in addition to Emirates' well-known amenities in your little first-class oasis (pictured), like chef-prepared meals and a 1,600-channel entertainment system. (Also, high tea, anyone?) We'd suggest booking for around the end of February, which is when all of the models will be returning from Fashion Week.
Book with Emirates here
Truly Non-Stop: British Airways to London
Heathrow is a drag. Gatwick's worse. And don't get us started on Luton and Stansted. Instead, book your BA reservation for the single runway of London City. On its Club World flight, you get a seat that converts into a fully flat bed, your own iPad, and a gourmet dinner before you even get on board. On your way back, you'll quickly pop through Shannon airport's passport pre-clearance area, so you can leave the murderous stares of American customs officials for the plebes.
Book with British Airways here
Singapore Airlines pulls out the big guns for this flight from JFK to Frankfurt with its Airbus A380, which includes your own sliding-door personal suite. Yes, a suite. We're talking a room that's probably bigger than those offered in most European hotels, with a full-sized bed and a 23-inch LCD. The worst part? You'll have the difficult decision of getting the champagne, the caviar service, or both. But don't worry, because you'll have plenty of time to rest your head on premium linens to think on it.
Book with Singapore Air here

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