Thursday, January 29, 2015


GANT's new Williamsburg store wants to be a restaurant


Have you ever said to yourself, "This boutique retail concept just doesn't go far enough to satisfy my twin passions for excellent food and impeccable style"?
Sure. Sure, you have.

But you won't be able to say that at GANT's shiny new Brooklyn outpost.
You see, GANT's creative director, Christopher Bastin, is something of a foodie. That's why he designed a food-inspired Fall/Winter 2013 GANT Rugger collection, and that's why he's partnered with The Brooklyn Salsa Company and King's County Distillery on gastronomic Gant offerings. (The label's even selling Kings County's Guide to Urban Moonshining.)
The new store is part boutique, part brasserie. Dressing rooms are disguised as meat lockers and precious goods locked inside liquor cabinets. Cafe tables display merchandise and silverware both.
And, yep, that's real whiskey perched above the register, which doubles as a bar and kitchen, too. You can plant yourself on a stool for a cup of espresso or stop by for a food and drink tasting.
All of this food might make you forget about the clothes, but you shouldn't. The store houses the GANT Rugger, GANT by Michael Bastian, and straight-up GANT collections, all exuding that rugged-preppy style — Oxfords, slim-fit dress shirts, cable-knits, and premium denim — for which the label's known. 
Just try not to dribble whiskey on your fine new jeans.

GANT Williamsburg
115 N 6th St. (Berry St.), Williamsburg
(718) 302-1949

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Noise: 1 (out of 4)

Subway: L to Bedford Ave.
Nearby: Cafe Mogador; Fada; Hotel Delmano

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