Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Cut Above

Harry's goes offline at its new Corner Shop


You already know Harry's. It's been your go-to online shave mecca for months now.
But a man can't do everything by himself, no matter what Tony Robbins tells you. Sometimes you need to put your mug into the deft hands of an experienced barber.
Which is why Harry's opened its Corner Shop on Macdougal St. And just before you start chiming in that a new barber shop opens every weekend in downtown Manhattan, know that this one is different.
They keep an electronic record of your cut, shave, and beard-trim preferences, so you'll never walk in wanting a side-comb and walk out with a high-and-tight just because your regular guy was off that day. Not that any of their highly experienced barbers would ever do that.
Besides the fact that Harry's knows its way around a razor — hell, it makes them — it also stocks some of the finest grooming products available to the modern gentleman, including Baxter's of California, Imperial, and Proraso. 
And while you're waiting for your time in the chair, check out the Makr leather goods, Biltwell helmets, and Trusco toolboxes. You can even pick up some fresh boxers from Sleepy Jones, should you suddenly find yourself in need.
But you won't be waiting. Harry's lets you pick your own appointment time online. 
Time for those other shops to start playing catch-up.

Harry's Corner Shop
64 Macdougal St. (W. Houston St.), West Village
(646) 964-5193

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)

Subway: 1 to Houston St.
Nearby: The Dutch; Market Table; mas (farmhouse)

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