Sunday, January 25, 2015

Night of Horror

The Curse of the Mummy at The McKittrick


You did the impossible, the improbable, the incalculable.

Rather than look to score on Halloween, you asked someone out.

Thanks. You just threw all that work that went into our awesome party options list out the window. But we're still here for you, because you wouldn't have done something this silly if you didn't really like her.
So let's step it up from costumed crowds to something a bit more discerning and date-worthy: The Curse of the Mummy at the McKittrick Hotel.
Yes, it's a mash-up of Sleep No More with classic horror flicks. So you can expect amazing live music, bottomless cocktails, and an ornate mise en scène out of the Hollywood back lot i.e. date night gold.
You've got options. You can partake in the Egyptian-inspired dining experience by Chef R. L. King and then hit up a Sleep No More show, followed by the party. You can do the show and the party, or the dinner and the party. Hell, you could just do the party because you're the type to get down to business.
Now, a warning: You both must arrive in costumes. You'll be denied entry without them.

But that only makes the wordless, naked bloodbath of Sleep No More even more interesting.

And thus, you.

The Curse of the Mummy
The McKittrick Hotel, 530 W. 27th St. (10th Ave.), Chelsea
Wednesday-Thursday, October 30-31

Tickets: $100-250 here

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