Monday, January 26, 2015

Milan Mystery

Discover 2 tickets to Milan hidden in NYC and they're all yours


Hidden ramen joints. Underground art galleries. The back entrance to your favorite bar.

It's true, you know New York like the back of your hand.

So when we tell you we’ve hidden a pair of round-trip Emirates Airline tickets to Milan somewhere in New York City, we're sure you're gonna find 'em.
And when you do, you'll also find yourself with a 3-night stay at one of Milan’s 5-star hotels -- for free.
All you have to do? Solve our little mystery. Starting Tuesday, November 12, find the first clue below on this page and in Rundown on NY’s daily edition (sign up here for free). 
Every day after that, we’ll reveal a new clue until someone finds the hidden tickets.  

Brush up on your geography, recruit a partner in crime, view the official rules, then come back Tuesday, November 12 for the first clue. 

First Clue: You are headed to one of the most luxurious cities in the world, and your tickets are located at a Milanese company's outpost in Manhattan.

Second Clue: The man whose name is on the door designed clothing for an American hero when he took off his crime-fighting suit. 

Secret Location: The prize was located at Armani Ristorante on the top floor of the 5th Avenue Armani store.

The Winner: The first person to solve the mystery was Joseph Doumar, he will be taking the dream vacation to Milan.


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