Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fluid Sexuality

Find your safe word for Play, the Museum of Sex's no-holds-barred den of naughty cocktails


It's been a long night at the Museum of Sex. You've learned all about the mating habits of bonobos and explored the contentious history of the condom. Now, you and your date are feeling a bit, um, peckish.
First, take a casual walk through the white-marbled Nice & Sweet, MoSex's new cafe offering Intelligentsia coffee, Balthazar pastries, and Italian tuna-loin-stuffed sandwiches. But that was just foreplay.

You're here to get down to business at Play.
Lit with purple neon, this bar's focus is on the relationship between food and sex. As with the museum, Play offers drinkable exhibitions where artist-designed cocktails rotate alongside a permanent collection, plus small plates.
For food, the menu's divvied up into Flirting, Fondling, and Fcking. There's nothing commonplace here. Think Szechaun peanuts, burrata with pumpkin, and rabbit leg focaccia. 
For the artist drinks, here's a taste: The Lickable Skin by Bart Hess is served on a skin-like surface and requires guests to lick the liquid off a custom-designed, shallow plate.
The in-house mixologist, Jim Kearns, curates the permanent list, broken up into categories: Kinky, Curious, and Demure. The Bear Hug (a Kinky drink, clearly) combines Laphroaig and blended scotch with lapsang souchong syrup and leather hydrosol.
Yes, master.

1 East 27th St. (5th Ave.), Flatiron
(212) 447-7529

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)

Subway: 6 to 28th St.
Scene: Tops and bottoms and everything in between.
Best bets: Szechuan peanuts; Lickable Skin; Bear Hug
Nearby: Shorty’s; SD26; ilili Restaurant

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