Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bang Your Head

Your 5-day breakdown of top shows at CMJ's Music Marathon


There's just one last chance to OD on live music in 2013, and it starts this week at the CMJ Music Festival.

The festival's purpose has shifted from a place to discover unheard talent (see: internet) to a canvas for curating and compiling brilliant musical showcases from around the world. These five are unmissable.
TUESDAY:  Cherub et al.
Best to begin by dipping a toe in, and this Studio showcase will do just that. A whopping 11 bands are playing tonight. Nashville duo Cherub is definitely the highlight, but everybody else on the bill is either weirdly earnest (Sheppard), very pretty (Computer Magic), or plenty tight (Arms).
5p. The Studio at Webster Hall, 125 E. 11th St. (3rd Ave.), East Village. $10 here.
If you're unfamiliar with Jersey Club, go to Wednesday's Thread showcase at Santos and abandon all hope of productivity for the rest of the week. This Newark-based party has all the energy that rent hikes have driven out of New York: a bunch of ghettotech- and B-more-influenced mayhem that no amount of Tylenol and Gatorade will fix the next morning. 
10p. Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St. (White St.), Lower East Side. $10 here.
There is no telling what will happen at this showcase of Minneapolis outcasts. Minny-based label Totally Gross National Product will sign anybody (provided they're good), so you're getting a wild ride this Thursday. Come for Pony Bwoy's off-kilter r&b, stay till the end so you don't miss Marijuana Deathsquads' improv psychopathy.
8p. The Knitting Factory, 361 Metropolitan Ave. (Havemeyer St.), Williamsburg. $10 here.
Moodswing 360 is a booking agency that's all in on clubby hip-hop, so their CMJ showcase is where your Friday should begin, peak, and end. DJ Sliink spins trap-influenced hip hop, Heems is Heems, Riff Raff is Riff Raff, and you can probably guess what TWRK is all about.
7p. Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Pl. (E. 15th St.), East Village. $25 here
In addition to cute kangaroos and founders who were criminal castoffs, Australia's a very underrated rock continent. Roll to the CMJ finish line at the Delancey where each band gets 30 minutes to prove rock rocks down under. Pro tip: keep your eye out for Kingswood and Them Swoops.
2:15p. The Delancey, 168 Delancey St. (Clinton St.), Lower East Side. $10 door.

CMJ Music Marathon
Tues October 15-Sat October 19

Schedule and tickets: Here

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