Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wet Paint

Banksy is giving Manhattan a graffiti makeover


Guys, we have a visitor.
You've definitely heard of this dude — or woman, or collective. No one really knows for sure. Whatever it is, it goes by the name of Banksy, and it's painting our town red.
Also black and white.
His new "show" is called Better Out Than In. We say "show" because you won't find this one in a gallery. Instead, Banksy is taking to the streets each day this month to post a fresh stencil, which you'll be lucky to find (and Insta) before it gets painted over or vandalized
The first couple, in fact, are already gone. One featured two kids stealing a can of spray paint from a sign that says, "Graffiti Is a Crime." Another pays homage to old-school wild-style tagging.
Banksy began last week and is supposed to continue all month. At each new work, Banksy also includes a toll-free phone number (1-800-656-4271) for viewers to call to get an old-school audio tour, completely with cheesy background muzak.
We wouldn't expect anything less.

Banksy, "Better Out Than In"
Location: Through October, locations necessarily vary

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