Friday, January 30, 2015

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First it was sitting on the subway floor with your laptop. Now people are bringing their own La-Z-Boys on the train? Just shut it down, people.

  • You Betcha: Picnic Open now

    Take a trip to the Midwest at this East Village spot (pictured) serving all the right comfort foods — cheese balls, deviled eggs, pulled pork — with contemporary touches, including a turkey leg confit.

    117 2nd Ave. (E. 7th St.), East Village (212-777-3600)

  • ’Nut Job: Dough Loco Open now

    The man behind the UES's Earl's Beer and Cheese and ABV is now tackling your other vice: doughnuts flavored with miso-maple, blueberry-lime, and pineapple with brown butter.

    1261 Park Ave. (E. 97th St.), Upper East Side

  • Drinks First: Apartment 13 Open now

    This elegant pub offers wine, beer, and cocktail pairings with every dish on its eclectic menu of pork shanks over smoked tomato and corn pozole, hamachi crudo, and coconutty crab cakes.

    115 Ave. C (E. 7th St.), East Village (917-475-1213)

  • Midtown Market Fare: Friedman's Open now

    Friedman's Lunch is already your go-to at Chelsea Market, and now it's expanding a few blocks northwest, still serving its largely gluten-free comfort food menu of lamb burgers, pastrami hash, and bacon-topped salads.

    132 W. 31st St. (6th Ave.), Midtown (212-971-9400)

  • Pip Pip: The Winslow Open now

    Gin lovers, welcome this den of Britishness downtown, where you'll find Scotch eggs, steak-and-kidney pie, fish-and-chips, and more than enough to drink, including 20 beers on tap.

    243 E. 14th St. (2nd Ave.), East Village (212-777-7717)

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