Friday, January 30, 2015

Feast Your Eyes

The Food Film Festival stuffs all of your senses


You're the kind of person who enjoys some sensory overload from time to time.

The Food Film Festival, returning this year, has got you covered.

Just think of it as a feast for your whole face. Your eyeballs will take in the lingering close-ups during the short films Beer Braised Ox Cheek, Mixed Berries, and Three Ways at the Food Porn Party, while your mouth will take in far too much oozy cheese at its Fondue Lounge.

Don't worry — you can sweat it out at Green Chile Takedown the following night, where over 100 pounds of New Mexico chiles make their way onto the screen and your plate. (Followed by a dessert bar by paleta purveyor La Newyorkina.)

You'll also get a chance to preview The Kings of BBQ: Barbecue Kuwait — a documentary about the plan to cook up a home-style dinner of smoked brisket and chicken for 5,000 US troops stationed in the Middle East — while digging into some fatty brisket yourself.

Or hit up an event that's devoted to stuffing surprises inside of hand-held foods: tacos, cupcakes, dumplings, you name it.

See? You can have your cupcake and watch it, too.

The Food Film Festival
Wednesday-Sunday October 23-27
Various locations

Tickets: $45-595 here

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