Monday, January 26, 2015

To Hell and Back

Gotham West Market could be the best thing this side of 8th Ave.


O, Hell's Kitchen: How do we love thee? Let us count the ways:

Your diesel stink of Port Authority, your endless car dealerships on 11th Ave., your improbably high rental rates and comparative lack of things to do.

Oh, wait. We don't love any of that. But we're prepared to fall crazy in love with you, Hell's Kitchen, when Gotham West Market opens up next month.

Located on the ground floor of a new apartment complex, this food hall is shaping up to be the Eataly of the Midtown foodie scene, or so we're guessing by one quick look at the lineup.

Check it: Blue Bottle Coffee, Brooklyn Kitchen's guest chef demo kitchen and shop, a charcuterie-filled outpost of The Cannibal, gourmet sandwiches from Court Street Grocers...

Ready to pack up your Brooklyn Heights loft and move to 11th Ave.? Oh, but we're not through.

Tertulia's Seamus Mullen has a tapas spot called El Colmado, Brooklyn's Saltie brings its cult-worthy sandwiches, and Ivan Orkin — whose upcoming ramen restaurant is one of the most anticipated of the season — has a mini noodle joint called Ramen Junkie, just for those who dare to enter this no man's land.

Excuse us while we go break our lease.

Gotham West Market
550 W. 45th St. (11th Ave.), Hell's Kitchen

Opens: October 2013

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