Sunday, February 1, 2015

This Week


As if there weren't already enough reasons to quit smoking, here's yet another.

  • Beer's Here: Flatiron Hall (pictured) Open now

    We're never sad to see another beer hall open, and this Flatiron sister to Houston Hall is an old-timey den of booze and snacks. Chicken tikka masala wontons, pastrami spring rolls, and Maui fish tacos are all up for grabs.

    38 W. 26th St. (6th Ave.), Flatiron (646-790-3200)

  • Shelf Life: Malt & Mash Open now

    This new gastropub will relocate around the corner in the next several months, bringing its lamb burgers, mole shrimp, and foie-and-peanut-butter roulades with it.

    53-61 Gansevoort St. (Washington St.), Meatpacking District (646-561-3931)

  • Upper Veg Side: The East Pole Open now

    This brownstone restaurant is operated by the Fat Radish team, so no surprise seeing green stuff front-and-center in summer cucumbers with fried oysters, roasted tomato toasts, and a macrobiotic veggie plate.

    133 E. 65th St. (Lexington Ave.), Upper East Side (212-249-2222)

  • Ice, Ice Baby: Skál Open now

    This Icelandic spot follows the city's new Nordic trend, serving late season radishes with dried scallops and soured cream, duck wings with red seaweed and mussels, and a lamb saddle with grilled leeks for two.

    37 Canal St. (Ludlow St.), Lower East Side (212-777-7518)

  • New Aged: Red Farm Steak Open now

    While Red Farm undergoes a renovation, its downstairs space serves as a steak-centric 28-day pop-up with 40-day-aged prime strip, inside-out filet mignon buns, and foie gras tarts.

    529 Hudson St. (Charles St.), Tribeca (212-792-9700)

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