Sunday, February 1, 2015

These Colors Do Run

Taste the rainbow at the freaky, paint-friendly Color Run


In case you haven't noticed, current trends suggest that regular huff-and-puff "oh-look-at-me-I'm-soooo-healthy-with-my-Livestrong-bracelet" laps around the Central Park reservoir are for rubes.

The rest of us are getting creative with our runs. The Color Run is no exception.

Maybe you missed the paint-powder-filled Holi celebration back in April, or the Illuminite glow stick run over the weekend. The Color Run is the happy medium: at each kilometer during this highly uncompetitive 5K race, you're doused with a bucket-load of color.

The only rules: Wear white and have fun.

It goes down next month at Aviator Park, which, if you've been reading us closely, has been blowing up with awesome lately. It's where you did your light-up laps on Saturday and cracked some skulls, figuratively speaking, at a massive tomato fight.

Next on our wishlist: a Hindu-themed race in which you shoot paint-filled tomatoes at each other. Make it happen, Aviator.

The Color Run Brooklyn
Saturday-Sunday, September 8 & 9
Aviator Sports and Events Center, 3159 Flatbush Ave., Marine Park

Registration: $60-65 here

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