Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Man Date From Heaven

NYC's top 5 places to take your best bro


Is the fire of your latest bromance dwindling? Do you guys just sit playing video games in silence, without so much as a hint of congratulation or smack talk?

It's time to warm things back up. New York's top five man dates will kick things back into gear.

5. Where There's Smoke: Club Macanudo
Relive the time you and your boys enjoyed those Cohibas at Club Macanudo, the best cigar bar in the city. They've got over 130 varieties of cigar on hand, and an extremely knowledgeable staff that'll talk you through them. Of course, if you'd rather smoke those Cubans that you got from ______ in _____ back in ______, you can bring your own and stash them in a private humidor.
26 E. 63rd St. (Madison Ave.), Upper East Side

4. Shot Through the Heart: Westside Rifle & Pistol Range
NYC's tough gun laws getting you down? Is playing Call of Duty no longer cutting it? Get down to the Westside Rifle and Pistol Range and squeeze some shots off. A possibly too-brief training session is required, but after you've sat through the do's and don'ts, you can light up your targets with either a .22-caliber rifle or a wide array of handguns.
20 W 20th St. (5th Ave.), Union Square

3. I'm in Love (With a Stripper): Pumps
Even the best of friends need time to sit back, relax, and reflect. Buy your bud some quality contemplation time with one of the girls at Pumps, perhaps the least-pretentious skin joint in the city. Champagne room meditation costs only $20, and the rest of this place's potent potables — by strip club standards, at least — are almost criminally cheap.
1089 Grand St. (Vandervoort Ave.), Williamsburg

2. A Toast! (Or Four): Char No. 4
Good whiskey can be consumed in any company, but the best whiskey should be saved for the best company. Char No. 4 has all of the best whiskies, from Pappy Van Winkle to Johnnie Walker Blue Label and beyond, served solo or in flights (pictured). They also serve bacon, smoked in-house, that will make you weep. Which is okay — you'll be among friends.
196 Smith St. (Baltic St.), Cobble Hill

1. Sit a While: The Stoop
Wherever your friendship's at, it got there thanks to quality time on a stoop somewhere. So wait for the sun to go down, grab some beer — be it a Brooklyn microbrew, a can of PBR, or even some Olde English — and catch up.
Available across NYC

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