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New York's top 5 steaks under $30


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Cheap skates like cheap steak. But cheap steaks are often mistakes, or at least missteps — chewy commodity beef best charred to oblivion.*

Never fear, guess what we found: the city’s five best steaks under $30

*Try saying that four times fast.

5. Prime Meats: Steak Frites, $30
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best classic steak you can find in New York under $30 is in Brooklyn. At Prime Meats, an expertly-made bavette of Waygu beef comes served with crispy hand cut fries and a sauce béarnaise sauce.
465 Court St. (Luquer St.), Carroll Gardens (718-254-0327)

4. St. Anselm: Butcher’s Steak ($15)
You can get not one, but two of these healthy —  or unhealthy — portions of perfectly-charred hanger steak (pictured) salted, grilled, and covered in garlicky butter for $30. That is, if you can get a seat at this no rezzie Williamsburg steakhouse.
355 Metropolitan Ave. (Havemeyer St.), Williamsburg (718-384-5054)

3. Benoit: Hanger Steak Frites, $29
It’s almost inconceivable that $29 could get you a steak from one of the world's best chefs, Michelin star chef Alain Ducasse. While he’s probably not on the line at his midtown bistro, you can bet the guy who sears off your steak and prepares the bordelaise learned his craft from the master.
60 W. 55th St. (6th Ave.), Midtown (646-943-7373)

2. The Dutch: Korean-Style Hanger Steak ($29)
Andrew Carmellini’s steak frites at Lafayette is two bucks over the legal limit, but the Korean-Style Hanger steak around the corner at the Dutch is a dollar under and comes with a farm egg and kimchi-fried rice, which is way better than fries.
131 Sullivan St. (Prince St.), Soho (212-677-6200)

1. Rosemary’s: Skirt Steak ($25)
The arugula wasn’t likely grown on the rooftop garden, and the bar scene isn't pure Neil Strauss pick-up heaven. But the skirt steak at Rosemary’s, sliced after being well-rested and served with crispy fingerling potatoes, is unparalleled. As such, it’s a crying shame to let it go unordered.
18 Greenwich Ave. (W. 10th St.), West Village (212-647-1818)

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