Friday, January 30, 2015

La Femme Mykita

Introducing Germany's best eyewear, now available downtown


Don't get us wrong. We love us some Warby Parker specs.

Warby's a bit like Uniqlo: affordable, dependable, well-designed — an everyday workhorse for basics. But sometimes you want to wear that Varvatos suit instead.

The high-end eyewear alternative? Mykita, a Berlin-based brand brand that's just opened its first American store in our very own city.

Never heard of them? Well, then you clearly didn't see their cameo on Sarah Jessica Parker's face in Sex and the City 2. And we really don't blame you.

But Mykita's frames have been growing fashion-world cred for several years now with insider and celeb clientele. Think broad, goggle-like aviators and artfully nerdy frames conceived by some of Europe's more interesting avant-garde designers, transforming you from a schlub to a brooding Berlin gallery director in an instant.

The new store also features a limited-edition collection only available here.

Key to their construction is a screwless and solderless hinge system, making them not only light and easy to wear, but dependable, too.
After all, what's form without function?

109 Crosby St. (Prince St.), Soho
(212) 343-9100

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