Friday, January 30, 2015

Block of Ages

The Bushwick Block Party returns to pizza-fy your summer


Mark your calendars — Brooklyn's day of street mayhem is soon upon us.

That's right, the Bushwick Block Party is back.

Here's a reminder on what to expect, in case you blew out too many brain cells last year.

1) Action Bronson, Pictureplane, Tiki Disco, and a half-dozen others provide the music. You provide the ears for listening.

2) You will also probably get a free T-shirt. And you will watch ladies take off their free T-shirts during the bikini kegstand contest portion of the day's programming.

3) Roberta's brings the pizza with four "ovens of doom." Crif Dogs, Yuji Ramen, Arancini Bros., and Brooklyn Star brings everything else in the edible non-pizza category. Oh, and Tito's brings the vodka.

4) There will be a photo booth, but your photo booth photos will not look like this. They will look like this.

5) Andrew WK will probably crowdsurf, and you will probably get wet — although one doesn't necessarily have to do with the other. Just sayin'.

See you next Saturday.

The 4th Annual Bushwick Block Party
Saturday, July 27
All day
Moore St. (between Bogart St. and White St.), Bushwick

Price: Free to attend, food and drink for purchase

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