Thursday, January 29, 2015

New York Gothic

The High Line Hotel opens in Chelsea


This may just be the answer to your staycation prayers.

In a 19th-century red-brick complex most recently occupied by the Desmond Tutu Center — and before that the General Theological Seminary — stands the new High Line Hotel.

Sure, you know the High Line, so maybe you've got some ideas about Standard-style Brutalism and expressionless model-types at Le Bain. But this place keeps to its Gothic roots with 60 rooms decorated in kingly style with heirloom furniture and antique carpets.

The rest of the sprawling premises is all stained glass, vaulted ceilings, hand-carved wood, and a quarry's worth of marble. It was a school for the godly after all.

Translation: This is not a place for passing out after an all-night bender. Unless said bender involves champagne and beluga caviar.

Unfortunately, though, you'll have to wait for on-premises champagne until the front café-and-cocktail courtyard opens later this summer. Fortunately, the High Line Hotel will keep you cafferinated until then with fresh-brewed Intelligentsia coffee — its first East Coast location.

Don't thank us, thank God.

The High Line Hotel
180 10th Avenue (W. 20th St.), Chelsea
(212) 929-3888

Book: From $225 per night here

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