Friday, January 30, 2015

Get Grumpy

Paul McCarthy's art show is the stuff of Snow White's nightmares


Your summer schedule's looking right nice. Beaches. Tequila. Rooftops.

Horny Disney dwarves in a makeshift forest?

Yep, that too. They're part of provocateur artist Paul McCarthy's new Park Avenue Armory show WS, opening tomorrow.

McCarthy, who recently erected a giant inflatable turd in Hong Kong, is known for being a bit of a badass. And a world-class weirdo.

Which is why WS promises to assault you with "a sensory overload of scatological, sexual, violent, and debaucherous imagery" in McCarthy's version of Snow White's forest. That's where the dwarves come in, too.

Don't worry, they're only video projections. Same with McCarthy playing a creepy version of Walt Disney that not so subtly resembles Hitler. This is the massive, immersive, demented fairy tale world of McCarthy's imagination that screams third date material.

And if your lady just can't get enough of this kind of depravity, be sure to check out McCarthy's twin shows at the two Hauser & Wirth galleries, with naked people being put into "life casts" and a very Lynchian Hollywood back lot.

The beach will still be there next weekend.

Paul McCarthy "WS"
Wednesday, June 19 - Sunday, August 4
Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Ave. (E. 67th St.), Upper East Side

Tickets: $12-15 here

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