Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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The Savor Craft Beer fest just saved your weekend


We know. You had plans to check out some of our favorite rooftop bars tonight. And then the skies opened up and cried bitter tears of summer rain.

But all is not lost, because you're heading to the Savor Craft Beer festival instead.

Tonight and tomorrow, you'll get the chance to sample nine exceptionally rare beers, on top of dozens of offerings from the 76 brewers in attendance.

And those prime brews are paired with everything from artisan cheeses and beer-infused brownies to duck rilletes (available at Blackberry Farm Brewery's booth with its Screaming Cock amber beer).

And of course, there are private salon tastings for you high rollers, like the "Barrel-Aged Fruit Beers" seminar or the quizzically titled "Cajun and Creole Artisanal Foods and Bieres in Quadraphonic Sensaround."

Yeah, we have no idea.

Let us know what that's all about while we're over at the oyster bar, slurping up half-shells from Choptank Oyster Company.

Suck on that, rain.

Savor Craft Beer Festival
Friday & Saturday June 14-15
Altman Building and Metropolitan Pavilion
125-135 W. 18th St. (7th Ave.), Chelsea

Tickets: $170-195 here

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