Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Although we've featured the bizarre creations from Lollyphile in the past, we will not be ordering its new breast-milk flavored lollypop. (But should you happen to, please tell us all about it.)

  • Cream Team: OddFellows Open now

    Wd~50 vet Sam Mason and his partners have opened this quirky ice cream and soda shop (pictured) with edamame, chorizo-caramel, and miso with caramelized apple flavors, along with shakes and floats.

    175 Kent Ave. (N. 3rd St.), Williamsburg (347-599-0556)

  • Cognac Artists: Brasserie Cognac East Open now

    If you've abandoned this French brandy, you'll be happily reacquainted with dozens of Cognacs here, along with brasserie classics of filet tartare, salade niçoise, and steak frites with a red wine shallot sauce.

    963 Lexington Ave. (E. 70th St.), Upper East Side (212-249-5100)

  • Small Plates: New York Sushi Ko Open now

    This new sushi spot would quickly turn cramped if they allowed any more than 11 seats, but not even a dozen lucky diners can belly up to its three-to-seven-course omakase dinners at a time — and that's a good thing.

    91 Clinton St. (Delancey St.), Lower East Side (917-738-5857)

  • Little Bangkok: Hawker Bar Open now

    This Southeast Asian lounge does everything from curry short rib roti wraps to grilled chicken hearts (or Thai sausage for the less adventurous), plus summer cocktails, like a gin-and-kaffir lime concoction.

    611 Vanderbilt Ave. (Bergen St.), Prospect Heights (347-915-1000)

  • Breakfast Bar: Achilles Heel Open now

    This new cozy spot from Reynards' Andrew Tarlow is meant to evoke one of the old-school dives that nautical types would frequent back in the day — and this one serves morning highballs for late-shift types, too.

    180 West St. (Green St.), Greenpoint (347-987-3666)

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