Friday, January 30, 2015

Street Smarts

Beer and insect sex at the World Science Festival


School's out for summer. We hear you.

But hear us out for a sec: The World Science Fair is coming, and it may be the most fun you've ever spent learning facts and stuff.

The annual fest, kicking off next week, is spread over five days with events on everything from neuroscience and insect sex to a film about the IBM computer chess champ Deep Blue, which somehow contains "nudity and drug use." Hey-o!

And yes, there will be beer. A brewmaster and biomolecular archeologist explain the science and history of mankind's first and still-best foray into fermentation, followed by ample tastings, of course.

There's also a who's-who of the modernist cuisine scene — Booker and Dax's Dave Arnold, Wylie Dufresne, Harold McGee, and more — doing a multi-course tasting featuring experimental cocktails and mind-blowing eats.

There are dozens more events, but the whole fest wraps up with a kid-friendly Science Street Fair, where the chilluns can play with warthog teeth, code computer games, and extract DNA from bananas.

Somehow dissecting worms in biology class pales by comparison.

World Science Festival
Wednesday-Sunday, May 29-June 2

Tickets: Various prices and locations, full schedule here

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