Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Char Hard

Get ready, Big Apple Barbecue returns in three weeks


It's time to start thinking about barbecue.

Oh, we know you've been thinking about it already. Now's the time to figure out a game plan for Big Apple Barbecue, the annual block party featuring over a dozen pitmasters from both NYC and around our fine country.

Because if you've ever been before, you know it can be something of a smoke-filled tsunami of tourists and similarly BBQ-obsessed folk who get a wee bit saucy (and occasionally violent) if you if you get between them and their brisket.

For those who haven't been, here's your primer: It's one weekend long, and totally free to attend. Each pitmaster, whether they're from Memphis Barbecue Co. or New York's own Blue Smoke, sells plates for $9 each. And they don't scrimp.

Problem is, there are long lines. You can buy your way out of this by purchasing a quickly selling-out Fastpass, which puts you ahead of everyone else in your own special line. Score one for cheaters!

And as a bonus for this year, there will be a Weber Grilling School teaching you how to perfect your own charred grub and a special Alabama Gulf Seafood No Bone Zone, with fresh-shucked oysters from the guys at Wintzell's Oyster House.

Our advice? Come hungry.

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party
Saturday & Sunday, June 8-9
Madison Square Park (Madison Ave. at 26th St.), Flatiron

Tickets: Fast passes $100-500 here; special events $30-40 here

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