Monday, January 26, 2015

This Week


Should we kick off the week by reading the first page of Thomas Pynchon's new novel or looking at ugly Renaissance babies on Tumblr? Decisions, decisions.

  • Holy Coca: Los Americanos Open now

    It's always time for pupusas and Peruvian chicken, and this now joint does them up right with coca leaf cocktails (yes, you read that correctly) to boot.

    305 Church St. (Walker St.), Tribeca (212-680-0101)

  • Secret Pies: 180 Open now

    You'd never know there was a pizza speakeasy on the second floor of this downtown tenement building. The smoke from its wood-burning oven churning out Neapolitan pies might be a giveaway, though.

    180 Hester St. (Mulberry St.), Little Italy (212-334-3811)

  • Not-So-Secret Patties: Burger Joint Open now

    Le Parker Meridien's in-house burger spot gets a dedicated spinoff location that's not hidden behind a curtain, serving — you guessed it — no-nonsense burgers, fries, and shakes.

    33 W. 8th St. (5th Ave.), West Village (212-432-1400)

  • Avuncular Eats: Uncle Boons Open now

    Two Per Se vets paired up to open this Thai spot (pictured) that serves takes on traditional fare, including a soup with pork offal and grilled blowfish tails.

    7 Spring St. (Bowery), Nolita (646-370-6650)

  • The Other Brew: Upright Brew House Open now

    It may sound like a bar, but the tipple here is coffee, which it serves in every imaginable way along with breakfast sandwiches and pastries, as well as burgers and real brews in the evening.

    547 Hudson St. (Perry St.), West Village (212-810-9944)

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